Matthew Penn Art


del Renzio & del Renzio have worked with Matthew Penn since 2016, providing an intensive technical design consultancy role. Penn is a young British artist based in Margate, his hyper-realistic figurative oil paintings and sculptural installations shatter the status-quo of classical artistry. Despite his low profile, his work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Our practice assists Penn and his team in realising his ideas through intensive research and development. All display concepts are purpose designed and undergo rigorous prototyping, often at full scale. This allows us to reduce both material wastage and assembly time at fabrication and installation stages. We advise on suitable manufacturing techniques, which often range from handicraft, metalwork, extrusion moulding, laser cutting, water jetting, bronze casting, glass casting, glass cutting. Final finishing and assembly is always by hand.

Penn utilises innovative methods of LED illumination backed by science, technology and colour theory. The effect of light upon his artworks is magical, immersive and precise. These methods require careful planning when projected externally, be the installation temporary in a gallery or private in a collection. Lighting is often integrated directly and discreetly within individual artworks such as sculptures which can present the team with interesting challenges.

We assist Penn and his team with exhibition design and installation, the latter provides a physical means of post evaluation of the techniques used from storage - to lifting - to assembly - to final display, and the reverse.





To learn more about the artist please visit his website.  


Photography is copyright Matthew Penn Art.

Film Directed by Jack Chute